This is MANGESH TAYADE , I'm a Professional Front End Developer.

name:'Mangesh Tayade',
skills:['Angular', 'Typescript', 'Javascript', 'Html', 'Css', 'Bootstrap', 'MongoDB', 'Tailwind.Css', 'flutter'],
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Who I am?

My name is Mangesh Tayade. I am a professional and enthusiastic programmer in my daily life. I am a quick learner with a self-learning attitude. I love to learn and explore new technologies and am passionate about problem-solving. I love almost all the stacks of web application development and love to make the web more open to the world. My core skill is based on JavaScript and I love to do most of the things using JavaScript. I am available for any kind of job opportunity that suits my skills and interests.

Mangesh Tayade

(Dec 2022 - Mar 2024)

Senior Web Developer

Advance Agility Ltd.


(May 2014 - Nov 2022)

Website Developer

Fiverr (Freelance)


AI Powered Financial App

name:'AI Powered Financial App',
tools: ['Express', 'MongoDB', 'OpenAI API', 'AWS SES', 'AWS S3', 'Node Mailer', 'Joi', 'Puppeteer', 'EC2', 'PM2', 'Nginx],
myRole:Backend Developer,
Description: Me and my team build an AI-powered financial mobile application. I have developed API using Express, Typescript, OpenAI, AWS, and MongoDB. Used OTP via AWS SES, Google, and Facebook for the authentication system. Built AI assistants using OpenAI's latest model and trained using our dataset. Voice messages are converted to text using AWS Transcribe. The app fetches data from Google Sheets and generates a PDF term sheet, sent via AWS SES.,

Travel Agency App

name:'Travel Agency App',
tools: ['NextJS', 'Tailwind CSS', 'Google Maps', 'NestJS', 'TypeScript', 'MySQL', 'AWS S3', 'Sun-Editor', 'Gmail Passkey],
myRole:Full Stack Developer,
Description: I have designed and developed a full-stack web app for 2Expedition, a travel agency in Armenia. I created the UI using NextJS, Typescript, MUI, TailwindCSS, Google Maps, Sun-Editor, and React Slick. The app supports multiple languages and currencies. I developed the API using NestJS, Typescript, MySQL, TypeORM, AWS, and Nodemailer. I deployed the front-end app to AWS Amplify and the back-end app to AWS EC2.,

AI Powered Real Estate

name:'AI Powered Real Estate',
tools: ['React', 'Bootstrap', 'SCSS', 'Stripe', 'Express', 'TypeScript', 'MongoDB', 'Azure Blob', 'OpenAI API', 'Replicate AI', 'Cronjob', 'JWT],
myRole:Full Stack Developer,
Description: My team built an AI-based real estate app using Replicate API and OpenAI. To develop the API, we used Express, Typescript, OpenAI, Replicate, Stripe, and Mongoose. For the UI, we utilized NextJS, Formik, TailwindCSS, and other npm libraries. We have trained multiple AI assistants using the latest GPT model and integrated Replicate API for image processing. We added role-based auth, subscription plans, Cron job scheduling, and payment integration with Stripe.,

Newsroom Management

name:'Newsroom Management',
tools: ['NextJS', 'Material UI', 'Redux', 'Sun Editor', 'Calendar],
myRole:Full Stack Developer,
Description: My team and I developed a newspaper management dashboard application called Newsroom Management. As a front-end developer, I worked on creating the dashboard using NextJS, Material UI, Redux, Calendar, and other necessary npm libraries. We used React Redux to manage the application's state and React-hook-form and Sun Editor to handle forms.,

2009 - 2013

B.E Mechanical Engineering (Dropout)

St. Vincent Pallotti College of Engineering, Nagpur, Maharashtra


Nov 2022

Javascript Algorithms & Data-Structures



July 2022

Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate



Oct 2022

Responsive Web Design



Contact with me

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me. I am open to any work opportunities that align with my skills and interests.



Flat no. 209,Gurudatta heights,Nanded City, Sinhagad Road, Pune, Maharashtra 411041

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